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19 Signs You're Finally Becoming An Adult

This is the time you've been waiting for.

1. Sometimes you don't buy the cheapest wine in the shop.


Instead you go for the one that's been reduced the most (that's still under £6).

2. And you never buy the cheapest toilet paper anymore. / Island Records

And you always get at least a six-pack, because you've learnt what things are worth paying for and what things are worth skimping on.

3. You only drink vodka squash at 2am when you've finished all your other mixer.


Because tonic water is actually only 50p a litre (own brand).

4. You do your laundry before you've completely run out of underwear.


Because adults do forward thinking.

5. You actually like living in a clean house, more than you hate cleaning.


And sometimes you think cleaning is satisfying.

6. Occasionally when your friends come over you offer them food.


And not food that your mum has bought.

7. You've spent your own money on a practical appliance.

Universal Pictures

Like a vacuum cleaner, or a fridge.

8. You may even have wanted to buy an appliance, because that's what you're into right now.

9. You look forward to nights where you can stay in by yourself and do nothing, more than big nights out.


10. You've eaten a salad because you want one, and not because you feel like you have to.

11. Teenagers seem very loud to you these days.


And you can't remember having that much energy.

12. You get excited about things like cushions and candles.

13. You don't cry every time you have to pay a bill.

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Only some of the time.

14. You'd rather spend your money on fancy cheese than entry to the coolest new club.

15. You've liked an engagement photo on Facebook without having an existential crisis.

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But it's understandable if baby pictures are still a bit much for you.

16. You've made an "oof" sound when sitting down or standing up.


And if you sit in the wrong kind of chair for too long you get back pain.

17. You seem to always have more errands to do.

18. Sometimes you feel ancient and wise, but most of the time you feel like a child pretending to be a grown-up.

19. You can do whatever the fuck you want, when you want.


(But you understand that this would not be a wise decision.)