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21 Signs You're Old Before Your Time

"Sorry, can't come out again *cough*, I'm sick."

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1. It can be slightly awkward when people ask you about your weekend plans.

"Oh yes, very very busy, lots of scheduled napping to be done..."

2. You've definitely pretended to be ill, when in fact you just can't be bothered to leave the house.

And your friends are catching on...

3. If you do manage to leave the house you're sure to be home again pretty soon.

Walt Disney / Via

Staying out past midnight is a BIG NIGHT for you.

4. This sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening.

5. Baking is your drug of choice.

The satisfaction of a perfectly baked tray of buns is all the fun you need right now.

6. If you're not baking your Christmas presents this year, you're knitting them.

7. Activities that your peers say are lame and boring actually sounds kind of fun to you.

8. Drinking caffeine past 6pm is just pure recklessness!

9. You'd rather spend your money on going out for a nice meal than going out to the club.

Steak > shooters.

10. An afternoon at home reading recipes sounds like quite a good time tbh.

11. This is your ideal date.

12. You'd rather be getting up early and hanging out with this kind of friend than going out and meeting new people.

13. People who don't dress appropriately for the weather distress you.


14. Being late is pretty unthinkable to you.


You're always the first to the restaurant when you go out with your friends.

15. Things like this make you unnecessarily stressy.

16. You get unnecessarily excited about new cleaning or cooking equipment.

All I want for Christmas is...a KitchenAid.

17. If you do ever go out and stay out past midnight it will take you at least a week to recover.

Cartoon Network

"You want me to go out on Friday AND Saturday...? LOLOLOL."

18. You'd rather have the latest in self-insulation technology than the latest iPhone.

Warm feet = warm heart.

19. If you ever make it to a bar, you always think they should turn down the music.

Paramount pictures

Even coffee shops are getting a bit noisy these days.

20. Give me a pair of these over a pair of stilettos any day.

21. And obviously bed is your favourite place to be.