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21 Signs You're A Grandma Trapped In A Twentysomething's Body

Cheers to eating more and moving less.

1. Whenever you go clubbing it always strikes you as very loud.

2. You find it very difficult to stay out past 1am.

3. And quite often you don't go out at all.

4. You've used up every excuse for why you can't go out.

5. You find it nearly impossible to stay out late on Friday and Saturday night.

6. If you have to go out, you'd rather go to a quiet pub than a club where you have to dance.

7. If you're gonna drink, you want it to be actually nice alcohol, and you want to have it with snacks.

8. Certain kinds of nights out appeal to you, though.

9. You're not sure you ~get~ Facebook entirely. You're never quite sure who can see what.

10. You always regret updating apps.

11. Most months you spend more money on subscriptions than vodka.

12. You get quite excited about baking.

13. You watch a lot of TV shows about cooking or moving house.

14. Your idea of a wild night is starting a film past 9pm.

15. Your favourite thing to spend money on is definitely food.

16. Or maybe kitchen gadgets.

17. Tinder kind of terrifies you.

18. In fact, everything about dating seems like the opposite of a good time.

19. People who don't dress appropriately for the weather distress you.

20. You are a big fan of a practical shoe.

21. Your bed is definitely your best friend.