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18 Signs Your Cat Hates You

Does your cat take pleasure in destroying your possessions? Then they definitely hate you.

1. Your cat has been looking a bit dead behind the eyes in selfies lately.

2. There's quite a lot of struggling tbh.

3. Your cat has always had mood swings, but these days, they just seem more down than up.

4. Sometimes your cat just straight out tries to bite your hand off.

5. Sometimes you get a tiny little bit worried that they might actually eat you in your sleep.

6. You don't really share the same sense of humour.

7. They take pleasure in destroying your worldly possessions.

8. And shoving their face in what they know is yours.

9. They might even have a smug look upon their little faces after the act of destruction.

10. They may want to halt your progress in life by openly stopping you working.

11. They verbally harass you day and night.

12. They will constantly try and stop you doing the things you enjoy most in life.

13. The temptation to be passive aggressive towards them is strong.

14. They might sit in places you are likely to trip over them and fall to your death.

15. They might demand the nip, so they can go to a better place for a while and forget that you exist.

16. You might think they love you because sometimes they sit near or even on you, but don't be fooled.

17. They might even actually put their arse on your face.

18. But even after all of this you still love them so much it hurts.

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