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18 Pictures Of Sausage Rolls That Will Turn On All British People

Not technically NSFW, but probably should be.

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1. These steaming parcels of warm, soft meat.

Instagram: @giselle_reconstructed

Mmmm get in my belly.

2. Look at these sexy fellas, hot out the oven, and hot in many other ways as well.

Instagram: @bakeryhovingham

3. These posers, you would think it's all too much, but your heart says yes.

Instagram: @plateup

4. The classic, The Greggs, it's does it for you everytime.

Instagram: @fatladinthebay

5. Just take a peek at these glistening friends.

Instagram: @parsonsbakeryuk


6. These bitesize ones show that it's not your size it's what you do with it.

Instagram: @julieanoble

7. This humble guy might not look too special, but you know he'd treat you right.

Instagram: @sosijlol

8. This pastry man has some seeds to sprinkle, and you're into it.

Instagram: @sosijlol

9. What a crusty roll, you want to get your mouth around this one.

Instagram: @sosijlol

10. This tray for homemade flakey babies is what dreams are made of.

Instagram: @clairebearintw

11. There's only one thing better than one sausage roll... TWO SAUSAGE ROLLS.

Instagram: @foodie

Calm down it's OK.

12. Someone's already taken a bite out of this one, but that just means you get to peek at it's naked bits.

Instagram: @amberjohnson13

13. A sausage roll with a pie, some would say it's wrong, but not me.

Instagram: @cbogster

14. This one is just so flakey, it's too much for day time hours.

Instagram: @clare_ww_journey

15. This one's shy, but what you can see is all you need to tell you he's a hottie.

Instagram: @whatveganlookslikeuk

16. If George Clooney was a canape he'd be a homemade mini sausage roll.

Instagram: @adam_85_richards

17. This one wants to take you for a long walk on the beach, and you're not going to say no.

Instagram: @adventuring_luke