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    17 Amazing Practical Advantages Of Being A Lesbian

    Four boobs are better than two.

    1. You get to hang out with women all the time.

    And girls are just amazing.

    2. Having a girlfriend means you get a best female friend and a partner all in one.


    You can spend an hour in a deep gossip session about your friends, and then have sex! It's ideal.

    3. And you can always be your dorkiest self.

    4. When you're single your friends will desperately try to set you up with the three other single lesbians who live in your town.

    they can't really do a lesbian take me out because half of them would have slept with or know each other already

    Sure, you already know them and might have already slept with them, but it's good to know what your options are.

    5. As soon as you hook up with someone your wardrobe basically doubles in size.

    my full time job consists of wearing all of my girlfriend's clothes

    If you share a shoe size with your girlfriend you're 80% more likely to be together forever.*


    6. As does your makeup collection.

    Twitter: @yaaamiuq

    Even if that just means you go from having one eyeliner pencil to two.

    7. And of course you may even get to combine your beautiful tampon collection.

    My period is synced with my girlfriend's which means we both question our relationship and existence around the exact same time each month!

    Such commitment ceremonies are important.

    8. You also basically have a secret language.

    Happy #InternationalLesbianDay! Today we are lesbians, tomorrow we go back to being gal pals.

    It's a complicated dialect based on niche cultural references and in-jokes.

    9. You will have seen all the same shows and films as your partner, because you always prioritise watching anything gay.

    From 1 to blue is the warmest colour just how hot is it?

    Between you you will have scraped the barrel of the Netflix "lesbian and gay" section.

    10. It's extremely tricky to get accidentally pregnant.

    Like, really, really hard.

    11. But when you do want to have a baby you've got two ovens to put your bun in.

    So many options.

    12. Your version of sexy lingerie can also be your most comfortable.

    Twitter: @shawtychawday

    It is lesbian gospel that sports bras are hot.

    13. And your fiercest pulling outfit can also be weather-appropriate.

    "OMG wow you look like a total lesbian tonight. Those boots and the plaid really pull it all together." Thanks…

    Sure you can wear heels and a dress to the club, but we all know you're going to be most successful in your finest plaid shirt.

    14. You're less likely to lose your girlfriend in public places because you can pee together.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    It's the little things.

    15. You can both take turns being the little spoon, and someone always has a boob to hold.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    There tends to be a lot of hair-in-face action though.

    16. You never have to worry about breaking a nail.

    when you're talking to a girl and things start getting serious...

    17. And obviously you are blessed by gay privilege.

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