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    19 Things You Never Knew About Tattooing Celebrities

    Tattoo artist Kevin Paul tells us what it's like to ink celebs.

    1. Tattooing celebrities means a lot of people are going to see your work.

    2. Which means you can feel even more responsibility than when tattooing a regular client.

    3. And you definitely have to face a lot more criticism of your work.

    4. It also means more people will be asking for that same tattoo you just did.

    5. Tattooing celebrities can mean lots of travel.

    Kevin Paul

    Celebrities might not want to sit in your shop for hours, so often you'll take your studio to them.

    6. Some celebs even take tattoo artists on tour.

    7. The X Factor hires a tattoo artist to go on tour with the contestants.

    8. Just because someone's a celebrity, it doesn't mean they'll be any easier to work with.

    9. Tattooing in unusual places means you have to be extra careful about hygiene.

    10. Once you've tattooed celebrities you can generally charge a lot more for your work.

    Kevin Paul

    Having your work on TV means people will pay more for your art to be on their body.

    11. Which also means you can say no to a lot more designs you don't want to do.

    12. Clients still come in all the time with a printout of a sleeve from Google Images saying they want exactly that.

    Kevin Paul

    But when you really ask them about the design, it turns out they'd rather have something a lot more personal.

    13. But being a successful tattoo artist doesn't mean you can say no to everything.

    14. There are definitely fashions when it comes to tattoos: 20 years ago it was all about tribal designs, clouds, and angels.

    Kevin Paul

    Nowadays everyone wants a pocket watch, apparently.

    15. And you will often find yourself doing cover-up work on the kind of things that everyone was asking for 20 years ago.

    16. Good tattoo artists will even find themselves doing cover-up work of cover-up work.

    17. Even when you're a famous tattoo artist, you still get prejudice for having lots of tattoos.

    Jonny Human

    After a day of filming with Made in Chelsea, Kevin was asked if he was homeless while waiting for a train.

    18. The best parts of the job don't change, though: It's still amazing to see a bad tattoo fade away when you're doing a cover up.

    19. And even more incredible to see a new tattoo come to life on a fresh piece of skin.

    Kevin Paul

    BuzzFeed spoke to Kevin Paul, tattoo artist behind some of the ink on Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, and many more, to see what it was really like to permanently mark some seriously famous skin.

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