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19 Secrets All Work BFFs Have

You have had nightmares about sending an email meant for them to your boss.

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1. You're constantly secretly communicating.

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Whether it's Gchat, email, or texting under your desk – you and your work BFF have to keep each other updated on pretty much all the details of your day.

2. You live in fear of sending an email meant for your work BFF to the wrong person.


You might have had actual nightmares about it.

3. But most of your conversation revolves around where you're gonna go for lunch.


And if one of you brought a packed lunch and the other didn't, then that is the ultimate betrayal.

4. You know their true opinion about everyone else you work with.


And there are LOTS of opinions.

5. You both know who the other one would marry if they had to choose one of your other colleagues.


Not including each other obviously.

6. And who you would choose to have one steamy night with.

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You've had a lot of debate about who would be the least awkward about it in the office the next day.

7. In fact you probably have ranked everyone else by hotness, personality, and who would survive longest on a desert island.

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These things are important.

8. You have secret nicknames for some of your other colleagues.


Some flattering... others not so much.

9. You have a look for when shit is going down in a meeting and you know you'll need to debrief later.


10. Sometimes you coordinate toilet breaks to debrief on the gossip.

Tip: Sharing the disabled bathroom is infinitely better than the person you're bitching about coming out of one the cubicles while you're mid-bitch.

11. You always ask each other if you're planning on attending any work-related events.

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And if your work BFF isn't going your enthusiasm dwindles considerably.

12. You share all office gossip with each other.


You might be guilty of just forwarding entire juicy emails.

13. You are twice as bored at work when your BFF isn't there.


14. When either of you achieves something the other one is genuinely proud.

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And you're not afraid to gloat about your achievements in front of your BFF.

15. You know how ambitious they are, and what they're aiming for.

Whether it's a promotion, or to get out of this job as quickly as possible.

16. You always know exactly how hungover your work BFF is.


And more importantly WHY they're hungover.

17. And you know whether they're sick or "sick".

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18. You run all your big work decisions by them.

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"Should I sign off this email with 'kind regards', 'yours sincerely', or 'love u xoxox.'"

19. You would seriously consider quitting if they did.


Because you can't remember how to cope without them.