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42 Of The Most Satisfying Feelings On The Planet

There should be a theme park dedicated to crunchy leaves and peeling glue off your hands.

1. Peeling plastic off a brand-new phone.

Click the icon in the bottom right to hear the sound.

2. Crunching leaves.

3. Pressure-washing anything.

4. Peeling PVA glue off your hands.

Best part of art class.

5. We're not the only species that likes tearing perforated paper.

6. Watching how this bowl is painted.

7. Stepping on an icy puddle.

8. Or just tapping gently to break an icy surface.

9. Whatever this is.

10. Vacuum-packing anything.

11. Watching the creation of this perfect clean edge.

12. Breaking the yolk.

13. The sound these jars make when you open them.

14. The way this lid pops off so easily.

15. The sound of this magnetic iPad case.

16. Water draining from a colander.

17. This perfect flip.

18. That little button on the top of jars.

19. A slinky on a treadmill.

20. Putting a hot pan in cold water.

21. When two unrelated objects fit together perfectly.

Like they're made for each other. <3

22. Watching billowing sheets in a tumble dryer.

23. Smashing ice.

24. The sliding action on the USB stick.

25. Popping the foil on jars of instant coffee.

26. Or opening a fresh jar of Nutella.

27. Crushing cans.

Everyone should have one of these machines – they look too much fun.

28. The way water drains out of this bottle.

29. The first mark you make with a paint roller.

30. Unravelling knitting.

31. The lovely noise this stack of unidentified objects makes.

32. Soft-close drawers and doors.

33. Cutting mushrooms.

34. Throwing water out of a window.

35. Tearing the crust of a new baguette.

36. This lovely calculator feature.

37. Corks popping.

38. Being the first to walk on fresh snow.

39. Bubblewrap.

40. Watching this dust just vanish.

41. The sound of other people belly-flopping.

Not you though, that would be awful.

42. Waking up and realising it's Saturday.

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