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27 GIFs So Cute They Might Actually Kill You

WARNING: Cute overload.

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1. This romp of otters (technical term) chasing a butterfly might be the last thing you ever see.

2. Call the paramedics, because here is a tiny lil' kitten having a tiny lil' dream.

3. The lack of hesitation on the second puppy jump is so cute it should carry a warning.

4. LOOK AWAY! Before it's too late.

5. The greatest honour in life is to be chosen by a cat, and when that happens you may die because it's just too cute.

6. There is too much happiness here, it is bad for your health.

7. These little doggies are all confused, but happy, OH IT'S TOO MUCH.

8. Be warned! This is a genuine kitty back, such a cute thing has a high level of risk associated with it.

9. JUST LOOK at how much this bird loves bath time. Except don't look because you might die from cute.

10. Please be advised: The mummy tiger licks the baby tiger and the baby tiger moves a bit and it's the cutest thing ever.

11. This baby cat trying to copy its mummy cat is fatally adorable.

12. This kitten is getting the tickle of its life. Stuff this cute just should not be allowed.

13. Interspecies relationships are so high on the cute scale they have been proven to push people's cute levels to dangerous heights.

14. This doggie is joining in with all the fun. Don't look for too long, the joy can blind you.

15. Three-way boops are twice as prone to causing cute overloads as regular boops.

16. This is a strange flying mammal pretending to fly and it's strangely the cutest thing ever, so watch out.

17. Look at this elephant having the time of his life, and then cleanse your eyes by looking at this not-cute picture of a kitchen appliance.

18. These cats living their best nine lives in a maze of boxes should not be publicly available on the internet.

19. The squirrel is drunk after eating fermented apples, but that just makes it MORE cute.

20. This beary flop needs a parental advisory warning.

21. This dog is too small, it shouldn't be allowed to be this cute.

22. This GIF of kittens being confused by a small robot has already caused three people to die from cute.*


23. Enjoy how proud this mummy cat is of her baby cat, because this might be it for you.

24. This otter getting a brain freeze might cause you physical pain because it is just so cute.

25. This dog fending off this vicious lamb attack COULD kill you.*

*You'll probs be fine.

26. This very small dog playing with this very big dog is much too cute for you.

27. This disgruntled cat might be the last thing you see, so enjoy while you can.

Congratulations on surviving, here is a pregnant guinea pig.