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23 Cringe-Inducing Things Every Drunk British Teen Has Done

Are you even British if you've never revealed your entire sexual history during a game of "Never Have I Ever"?

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5. When you refused to stop drinking just because you ran out of mixer, and drank some interesting combinations.

That awkward moment when u run out of mixer #desperate

8. And of course that meant you did a lot of peeing behind bushes.

Instagram: @meltedbody

Or you'd all keep going to that pub round the corner you couldn't get served at just to pee.


9. When the coolest Myspace default picture you could have was you in a children's playground at night.

Instagram: @ryanmansfield

10. Whenever you played "Never Have I Ever" and your friends made you reveal every sexual encounter you'd ever had.

Instagram: @catherinelindsley

And there was always someone who was caught out lying about how far they'd gone because of their drinking inconsistencies.

11. When you went through that phase of drinking White Lightning/White Ace/Strongbow Black/K Cider/Frosty Jack's.

Instagram: @djcraigwatson

You probably would've got a first from Cambridge if you hadn't rotted so many brain cells with this stuff.


13. When one of your friends grew boobs or a moustache and you could get served in the dodgiest pub in town.

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The person behind the bar either didn't care or was too old to notice you were only 17.

16. When you thought the height of banter was making someone down the dirty pint in the middle of Ring of Fire.

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"Who can down the rankest dirty pint?" is actually an ancient mating ritual where young lads prove their strength to teenage girls all over Britain.


17. When you mixed drinks in a water bottle for every train or bus journey into town.

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23. When you'd skimp on booze by living off tinnies and sharing cider, because all your money would go on the kebab at the end of the night.

Actually, you'd never regret this.