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    23 Cringe-Inducing Things Every Drunk British Teen Has Done

    Are you even British if you've never revealed your entire sexual history during a game of "Never Have I Ever"?

    1. When you thought it was really funny to steal road signs.

    2. Or commit some mild vandalism by kicking some road furniture.

    3. When you stole some gin from your mum and topped it up with water hoping she wouldn't notice.

    4. When you went on Chatroulette at every "gathering" and screamed every time you saw a cock.

    5. When you refused to stop drinking just because you ran out of mixer, and drank some interesting combinations.

    That awkward moment when u run out of mixer #desperate

    6. When you had nowhere else to go so you froze your arse off in a slightly scary park so you could drink Glen's.

    7. Which is where you did all of your main socialising with the opposite sex.

    8. And of course that meant you did a lot of peeing behind bushes.

    9. When the coolest Myspace default picture you could have was you in a children's playground at night.

    10. Whenever you played "Never Have I Ever" and your friends made you reveal every sexual encounter you'd ever had.

    11. When you went through that phase of drinking White Lightning/White Ace/Strongbow Black/K Cider/Frosty Jack's.

    12. And you definitely bought Vodkat at least once thinking it was very cheap for full 37% vodka.

    13. When one of your friends grew boobs or a moustache and you could get served in the dodgiest pub in town.

    14. But you couldn't afford to actually drink there so you'd buy one pint and decant tinnies in the loo.

    15. Or you'd buy a Coke and pour in a miniature you'd shoved in your bra.

    16. When you thought the height of banter was making someone down the dirty pint in the middle of Ring of Fire.

    17. When you mixed drinks in a water bottle for every train or bus journey into town.

    18. And they'd be ridiculously strong.

    19. When you would have a proper strategic plan about how to get served in your local corner shop.

    20. When your older sibling lent you their old passport with the corner cut off and you tried to blag your way into the local Oceana.

    21. When you thought it would be wrong to drink a WKD in any way other than a strawpedo.

    22. And that time you had one too many.

    23. When you'd skimp on booze by living off tinnies and sharing cider, because all your money would go on the kebab at the end of the night.