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17 Reasons The People Who Shower At Night Are The Right Ones

It just makes more sense to go to bed clean.

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1. The obvious advantage to showering at night is that you don't have to get up so early.


That extra 10 minutes in bed makes the difference between a terrible morning and a fantastic morning, every single day, without fail.

2. "But showering is what wakes me up in the morning," I hear you cry. Just wash your face instead.

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It wakes you up, but less of you gets wet, so it's better.

3. Sure, night showerers might have the occasional bedhead, but that just makes us a more relaxed crowd.

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Also it is possible to style your hair in the morning without washing it. That's what buns were invented for.


5. Which means we have more time for breakfast.

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Eating > washing.

6. Our sheets stay clean for longer.

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And clean sheets is the absolute best feeling in the world – probably even better than staying in bed an extra 10 minutes.

7. And of course we get to enjoy this feeling on a regular basis.

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8. The evening shower is a sacred time of unwinding that prepares us perfectly for sleep.

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So when we do get into bed, not only are we cleaner, we're more relaxed.


9. Showering at night means we get to spend as long as we like standing in the warm hot water.

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There's no rush, and all that's waiting for us when we get out is a nice warm bed.

10. After we get out of the shower, we get to spend as long as we like towel-lounging.

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Towel-lounging is the proper term for the time spent relaxing in your towel before you get too cold and have to put on your pyjamas.

12. We don't have to deal with waiting for the shower to get warm when we're all cold and tired.

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13. We never have to waste valuable time we could be asleep queuing for the shower in the morning.

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Fact: There is nothing worst than dragging yourself out of bed only to have to wait in a cold corridor for 10 minutes.

15. The extra little burst of energy you get after your night shower means you can prep for the next day.

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17. The majority are in the wrong: It makes more sense to shower at night.

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And anyone who voluntarily gets up earlier to make themselves all wet must be a different species.