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    43 Reasons Never To Visit The South Downs

    Definitely the worst of Britain's national parks.

    1. The South Downs is just a load of green fields by the sea.

    Flickr: jfphillips / Creative Commons

    2. And it's so small and built up for a national park.

    Flickr: speckled / Creative Commons

    That's the South Downs way and it's 100 miles long.

    3. There's no wildlife, it's just all lifeless hills.

    Flickr: debbcollins / Creative Commons

    South Downs ponies.

    4. There's no interesting buildings, just bland little cottages.

    Flickr: _szuszu / Creative Commons

    Hassocks, West Sussex

    5. All those flint walls are so samey.

    Flickr: linkadoor / Creative Commons

    Alciston, East Sussex

    6. There isn't much variety to the scenery.

    Flickr: _szuszu / Creative Commons

    Plumpton, East Sussex

    7. Who would want to hang out in this gnarly wood?

    Flickr: sjdunphy / Creative Commons

    That's just near Firle Beacon towards the River Ouse if you fancy it.

    8. This looks like a boring place to go for a walk, no thank you.

    Flickr: martin_thomas / Creative Commons

    9. Can't see why anyone would want to go horse riding around here.

    Flickr: duncantoms / Creative Commons

    10. This beach looks so cramped.

    Flickr: speckled / Creative Commons

    And it definitely hasn't got the nicest little river path leading to it.

    Exceat Beach, Cuckmere, East Sussex

    11. And the Southdown sheep definitely isn't the cutest, little fluffy-faced sheep.

    Flickr: debbcollins / Creative Commons

    Friston, East Sussex

    12. And all that industrial farming is so ugly.

    Flickr: martin_thomas / Creative Commons

    13. All those bails definitely spoil the view.

    Flickr: flintman45 / Creative Commons

    Jevington, East Sussex

    14. And even if you did want to go, there's no where nice to stay.

    Flickr: duncan / Creative Commons

    Wouldn't recommend renting these little pods in Lewes for under £30 each.

    15. Definitely don't visit in the winter, it looks terrible.

    Flickr: allenthepostman / Creative Commons

    16. Not a great place to go sledging, too many long gentle slopes.

    Flickr: callendercreates / Creative Commons

    17. It's just such a hilly place to go for a walk.

    Flickr: _szuszu / Creative Commons

    Fullking, West Sussex

    18. It's a terrible place to admire the wild flowers.

    Flickr: debbcollins / Creative Commons

    19. All those cliffs are just so... White.

    Flickr: 68942208@N02 / Creative Commons

    Seven Sisters, East Sussex

    20. They're just so underwhelming and mild.

    Flickr: suminch / Creative Commons

    Exceat Beach, Cuckmere, East Sussex

    21. Looks like a terrible place to watch the sun rise.

    Flickr: bertiebassett25 / Creative Commons

    Seven Sisters, East Sussex

    22. And it's definitely a terrible place to watch the sun set.

    Flickr: 66176388@N00 / Creative Commons

    Crowlink, The Seven Sisters, East Sussex

    23. Beachy Head might be the tallest sea cliff in the country, but that lighthouse really ruins the view.

    Flickr: mikelo / Creative Commons

    Beachy Head, East Sussex

    24. Not worth climbing that hill, too much effort.

    Flickr: 762_photo / Creative Commons

    Beachy Head, Seven Sisters, East Sussex

    25. And it's so windy! Who likes wind? No one.

    Hannah Goodier / BuzzFeed

    Between Crowlink and Birling Gap, Seven Sisters, East Sussex

    26. All those cliffs are so ugly up close.

    Flickr: grunt / Creative Commons

    East Sussex, South Downs

    27. If you get bored of the countryside, there aren't any nice towns to visit.

    Flickr: davidedamico / Creative Commons


    28. Wouldn't want to eat fish and chips on that pier.

    Flickr: by_andy / Creative Commons

    Eastbourne Pier

    29. And you can't get any famous Italian ice cream.

    Flickr: brownwindsor

    Notarianni's ice cream, Eastbourne

    30. All the beaches are shingly, so they're ugly and they hurt your bum.

    Flickr: good_day / Creative Commons


    31. And nothing ever happens there.

    Flickr: peter-trimming / Creative Commons

    Airbourne, the annual Eastbourne air show.

    32. And Lewes' bonfire night party is just so boring.

    Flickr: dominicspics / Creative Commons

    33. It's such an ugly town anyway.

    Flickr: yewenyi / Creative Commons

    Lewes, East Sussex

    34. And it has absolutely no history.

    Flickr: yewenyi / Creative Commons

    Lewes Castle, Lewes, East Sussex

    35. The South Downs are just too close to Brighton.

    Flickr: 68942208@N02 / Creative Commons

    36. And Brighton is just one big eye sore.

    Flickr: mackenzieblu / Creative Commons

    37. It has such an ugly sea side.

    Flickr: mackenzieblu / Creative Commons

    38. It's just so bland and boring.

    Flickr: dade_f / Creative Commons

    39. No fine dining to speak of.

    Flickr: wordridden / Creative Commons

    That's "The Seasider" from 24 St. Georges, Brighton.

    40. And definitely not any good fish and chips.

    Flickr: bexwalton / Creative Commons

    41. And you can't get a good 99 anywhere!

    Flickr: scottlowe / Creative Commons

    You definitely can't get a great one every 100 metres.

    42. The South Downs has nothing to offer. That freezing sea doesn't look at all tempting.

    Elvin Hage / Flickr: 25228175@N08 / Creative Commons

    Birling Gap, East Sussex

    43. It's a genuinely boring place to visit.

    Flickr: davidedamico / Creative Commons

    So stay away.

    Unless you like, amazing scenery, great food, nice beaches, and long walks. But who likes all of those things?