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    19 Reasons Graduating From University Is Absolutely Terrifying

    Turns out they don't actually teach you how to be a functioning adult at university.

    1. Graduation is actually a ceremony welcoming you to adulthood.

    Walt Disney

    They may say it's to get your degree, but really it's all about waving goodbye to your adolescence.

    2. If you've managed to get yourself a job then you have to accept that you will never have another long summer ever again.

    A&M Films

    You will probably be waking up before 9 AM nearly everyday for the next 50 years.

    3. This is literally it until retirement now.


    *Starts saving for a sabbatical immediately.*

    4. There doesn't seem to be any allocated napping time in the normal working day.


    The whole 9 - 5 things seems rather inflexible.

    5. You can't just skip work, like you skip lectures.

    I know they said there would be consequences for skipping lectures, but there is actually consequences for skipping work.

    6. If you don't have a job lined up you have to face the reality that you are officially unemployed.

    BBC / Via

    Your job from now, until you die, is sorting your life out and pretending to be an adult.

    7. And that means you have to apply for jobs, which sucks.

    DreamWorks SKG

    Suddenly the whole getting a degree thing doesn't seem like such a big deal.

    8. From now on going clubbing in the middle of the week is very impractical.

    New Line Cinema

    And kind of unacceptable.

    9. And oven chips are not a food group anymore.

    10. Over the past three years you've got kind of used to all of your friends living in walking distance.


    And seeing them pretty much everyday.

    11. Now your friends will be moving all round the country, and you might not know when you'll see them again.

    Screen Gems

    12. You've been doing exams every year for seven years, and now it's finally ended.


    This is AMAZING, but also what are you meant to do with your life now, and how do you know how well you did?

    13. Your next big milestone is probably either your wedding, or your thirtieth birthday.


    Or maybe when you win your Oscar, you never know.

    14. You get no more student loans.

    Instead you have to start paying them back.

    Tip: Don't log on to that website that shows you exactly how much you owe, it's not fun.

    15. What the hell are you going to do with all that fancy dress you accumulated?

    16. You might have to move back in with your parents.

    Paramount Pictures

    Not just for the holidays, but permanently. Terrifying.

    17. Or you might have to move into an actual adult house.

    Channel 4

    Possibly with strangers, that don't go home for the holidays. 😳

    18. Suddenly you realise that your brain is full of useless knowledge you'll probably never use again.

    BBC / Via

    How come they taught you how to solve a 4x4 matrix and not how to fill in a tax return?

    19. And on top of all of this, you have to try and not trip on the stage.

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