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19 Reasons Getting Ready For The Night Out Is The Best Bit

You make yourself look like a queen, only to look like a sweaty pig two hours later.

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2. It is when you and your girls take as much time as you need to make yourself look FABULOUS.

3. The people you choose to get ready with will be your best friends.

What's the point of leaving the house to meet less good people?


8. You can exercise your artistic ability in making yourself as beautiful as can be.

9. You and your besties can all help each other achieve peak hot.

12. You can try on your whole wardrobe until you have collectively chosen which outfit is the sexiest while still appropriate for the occasion.

14. Texts can be fully analysed and a plan of action for the night ahead can be fully thought out.

After you finish all your fave drinks and leave the house the plan will go to shit. Which is why leaving the house is a bad idea.

But carry on making the plans to secure your crush because that bit is the most fun.