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    16 Reasons Flaky People Are The Worst

    Only croissants should be flaky.

    1. Plans are sacred.

    2. When someone cancels a plan they are betraying your precious trust.

    3. Which makes trusting hard for you.

    4. There is just no excuse for continued, systematic flakiness.

    5. Being friends with flaky people is generally too much hard work.

    6. If a flaky person does turn up to a plan they will probably be late.

    7. If the flakies ever do manage to keep to a plan they will have to painfully rearrange it to suit their needs at least 5 times.

    8. Sometimes flaky people will cancel on you after you've already showered.

    9. And sometimes you've even got dressed by the time the flaky has cancelled.

    10. The absolute worst kind of flake is when you've already left the house and then they cancel.

    11. Flaky people are exhausting.

    12. Sometimes you think that maybe flaky people just don't want to see you.

    13. Think of all the fun things flaky people have missed out on.

    14. There are just too many flakies in the world.

    Thought about changing a lot of people's contact to Flake, but I'd forget who it actually was

    15. You do not have time for these people in your life anymore.

    16. Remember: Only pastry should be flaky.