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    19 Really Real Problems For Realists

    You're not a pessimist and you're not an optimist, you're just perfectly in the middle.

    1. You're always early for everything because you like to plan for traffic.

    Walt Disney

    Which is annoying because you spend your life waiting for idealists who didn't plan for the traffic to turn up.

    2. Making plans with anyone else is tricky, because they never allow enough time for things.

    It's just unrealistic to try to go to two parties on opposite sides of town.

    3. It often feels like you're the deliverer of bad news.

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    You are often the person who has to bring people back down to earth and tell them what's actually going to happen.

    4. But then when people are being super pessimistic you can be the one to cheer them up.

    Comedy Central

    Because realists are not the same as pessimists.

    5. You are definitely the mum of your friend group.

    Columbia Pictures

    You're the one who has to put a stop to everyone's crazy plans.

    6. And you're always the one who everyone comes to for advice.

    Because you're the one they can come to when they don't want things sugar coated.

    7. That also means that you can be quite blunt at times.


    But people need to hear it sometimes.

    8. Though sometimes you realise it might have been better to keep your mouth shut.


    9. You're not great at lying.

    Or knowing when it's best to avoid the truth.

    10. Which can get you into some awkward situations.


    Old acquaintance: "OMG so good to bump into you, we should definitely go for a drink some time!"

    You: "Yeah, that's probably not going to happen." ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    11. You get frustrated with idealists saying things that are just blatantly not true.

    And you can easily get into arguments with them.

    12. You're not easily persuaded to do things you don't want to do.

    Because if you think you're not gonna like something, you're usually right.

    13. You're not very good at all the soppy romantic stuff.

    Informant Media

    But that's just because you're good at telling people what you really feel.

    14. You don't get involved in drama, because when you're actually angry with someone, there will be a reason and you will tell them.

    The CW

    But you're often the person who ends up being the mediator in the drama.

    15. You're not one for exaggerating, even if it's for comic effect.

    And you'll ruin people's anecdotes by correcting them whenever they exaggerate.

    16. You're hard to surprise, because you will have thought of every possible outcome.

    Paramount Pictures

    And because you probably like to plan, surprises in general are not your cup of tea.

    17. You don't rely on luck for anything. / 20th Century Fox

    Which can make you a worrier, but also means you're usually prepared.

    18. You hate leaving stuff to the last minute.

    American Zoetrope

    And it can even stress you out when other people leave stuff to the last minute.

    19. But all of this means you're good at dealing with life when it's going badly, and when it's going well.

    The CW

    Because you're not prepared for anything, just for all the possible outcomes of every situation. ๐Ÿ˜

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