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19 Really Real Problems For Realists

You're not a pessimist and you're not an optimist, you're just perfectly in the middle.

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10. Which can get you into some awkward situations.


Old acquaintance: "OMG so good to bump into you, we should definitely go for a drink some time!"

You: "Yeah, that's probably not going to happen." 😳

12. You're not easily persuaded to do things you don't want to do.

Because if you think you're not gonna like something, you're usually right.


14. You don't get involved in drama, because when you're actually angry with someone, there will be a reason and you will tell them.


19. But all of this means you're good at dealing with life when it's going badly, and when it's going well.

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Because you're not prepared for anything, just for all the possible outcomes of every situation. 😏