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22 Realities Of Working From Home

No one thinks you do any work.

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2. Even if you set up the nicest work space in the world, you will still spend a significant amount of time working from your bed or sofa.

5. Sometimes you'll procrastinate by cooking yourself the nicest lunch anyone has ever had.

6. And sometimes you will have a really weird, kind of gross lunch.

Like fish fingers and instant noodles. You know that it will be delicious though.


9. But when your housemates are around you suddenly realise how much you like your solitude.


"I know it might not look like I'm working, sitting here on the sofa in my pyjamas, but please stop talking to me."


13. You've tried working in a cafe, but there is always a screaming baby and those coffee machines are so loud.

14. You've tried working outside, but screen glare is a real problem.