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    22 Realities Of Working From Home

    No one thinks you do any work.

    1. You often wear your pyjamas until 6pm, at which point you might shower and put on a different set of pyjamas.

    2. Even if you set up the nicest work space in the world, you will still spend a significant amount of time working from your bed or sofa.

    3. This is you after you've been sitting on a regular chair for 20 minutes:

    4. Waiting for 12 before you have lunch is really hard.

    5. Sometimes you'll procrastinate by cooking yourself the nicest lunch anyone has ever had.

    6. And sometimes you will have a really weird, kind of gross lunch.

    7. You end up working really strange hours.

    8. Sometimes it seems like you go days without seeing another human.

    9. But when your housemates are around you suddenly realise how much you like your solitude.

    10. Just because you work alone doesn't mean you don't have to deal with distractions.

    11. Instead of coffee breaks to chat with colleagues, you have chore breaks to do a quick hoover.

    12. You can listen to whatever music you want to, as loud as you want.

    13. You've tried working in a cafe, but there is always a screaming baby and those coffee machines are so loud.

    14. You've tried working outside, but screen glare is a real problem.

    15. Conference calls and Skype meetings are usually a complete waste of time.

    16. You never get a proper sick day.

    17. People never believe that you actually do any work.

    18. But you definitely work longer hours than your friends in offices.

    19. Although you've had bad days where you've watched a whole series "in the background" while doing work.

    20. You feel really smug when people moan about their commute.

    21. And jealous when they talk about all their office fun.

    22. But it's way better than putting on actual clothes, commuting to an actual office, and talking to actual people.