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The 31 Most Middle-Class Things That Have Ever Happened

"One family's desperate search for a second pony."

1. When this woman didn't give a shit about Morrisons because she uses Ocado anyway.

2. These wooden toys.

3. And this wooden sushi playset.

4. This graffiti showing some appreciation for high-protein grains.

5. This combination of the two most middle-class carbs.

6. This cheeky act of vandalism at the Waitrose spice rack.

7. The winebulance, for when the dishwasher breaks and Waitrose is out of organic couscous on the same day.

8. This most middle-class busker in the most middle-class location.

9. This lady who clearly is quite loyal to Waitrose.

10. Political knitting.

11. Avocado protectors.

12. This versatile wine-cooler.

13. The chino rainbow.

14. This article, which is surely becoming a film soon starring Colin Firth?

15. The time the Guardian told itself where it stood in the class system.

16. This disaster.

17. When this graffiti artist wanted to tell everyone about his breakfast passion.

18. These dog treats, for when you want your pet to be as middle-class as you are.

19. This dry cleaner, which specialises in Uggs.

20. When Cath Kidston went on tour.

21. When someone had to make sure no one threw a plate in this bin, because that would be ABSOLUTELY terrible.

22. When someone sent out this plea for help.

23. This disaster.

24. When we thought Wimbledon couldn't be any more middle-class, and then it handed these out.

25. The time it all kicked off in Hampstead.

26. The other time it all kicked off in Hampstead.

27. The time this father noticed his son was copying his style.

28. This gentrified Greggs.

29. Dogs on special diets.

30. What else could H be for?

31. The fact that Waitrose thinks it's essential you have special water to iron with.