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    36 Seriously Hot Men With Cute Cats That Will Melt You Completely

    Because, why not? H/T MenLovePussies

    1. Would you like to take a romantic stroll along the beach with these two?

    2. How about cuddling up to a funny movie with these guys?

    3. These guys just want to stay in and do nothing with you tonight.

    4. But these two think you deserve a nice meal out.

    5. Would you like to just goof around with this man and his kitty for an afternoon?

    6. Or would you rather hang out and do nothing with these two cutie pies.

    7. These two are just making friends, but they don't mind if you want to join in.

    8. These two might be playing games, but they'd never play the game when it comes to you.

    9. These two just want to cuddle on the sofa all night long.

    10. The cat might not find this guy funny, but I bet you would.

    11. And this cat doesn't seem to be loving this kiss, but you might like it.

    12. These two are pretty happy, but they'd be even happier if you were there.

    13. You could be that cat, or that hot dude.

    14. These two know you've had a long day at work, so just want you to put your feet up when you get home.

    15. There's only one thing that could improve this selfie – you.

    16. This man would be as tender with you as he is with his pussy cat.

    17. These two just want someone to be the middle spoon.

    18. These two think you're beautiful.

    19. These two guys really love each other, but I think they could grow to love you too.

    20. Fancy coming home to these two everyday?

    21. What about waking up to these two?

    22. These two might look goofy, but they're serious when it comes to you.

    23. These two are great listeners.

    24. But these two might be the cutest yet.

    25. This guy thinks his cat is the most beautiful being in the world, but then he hasn't met you yet.

    26. These two are just waiting for the one, and it's probably going to be you.

    27. These two just want to spend the whole day in bed.

    28. These two want to watch some really shit TV, because they can't concentrate on anything properly when you're in the room.

    29. This cat doesn't like everyone, but this hot dude is pretty sure he's going to like you.

    30. These two are tired after a long day out, but the hot dude still wants to give you a massage.

    31. These two could be looking at you like they look at each other.

    32. This man loves his cat, but he wants a human to cuddle too.

    33. These two have been practising their smoulder, all for when they meet you.

    34. These two are very sleepy, but they won't mind if you wake them up.

    35. These two just can't wait to meet you.

    36. These two are searching for their perfect companion, little do they know that you're right here.

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