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18 Problems Everyone With Long Hair Faces In The Summer

Sleeping with wet hair seemed like such a good idea at the time.

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1. Having to rock an up-do everyday because wearing your hair down is way too hot.

Not the season to have a natural hat and scarf attached to your head at all times.

2. Or desperately wanting to put your hair up, but knowing if you do the dreaded dent means you can never take it down.

3. And if you do wear it down expect some seriously sweaty hair.

Nicely sticking it to your forehead, back, shoulders, and anything else it finds.


4. Desperately wanting to sleep with wet hair but then waking up with a birds nest.

Sleeping with wet hair is the ultimate cooling system, but the consequences are serious.

5. Wanting to do a complicated up-do, but then your arms give out half way through.

French braids should count as a work out.

6. One word: Humidity.

You think your hair looked on point when you left the house, but a couple of hours later and it's frizz central.

7. Your hair is always trying to escape out of car windows.

8. And you can forget driving with your hair down and the windows open.

9. But closing the windows is also hazardous.

10. Wanting to take a cute photo where you look like a mermaid, but the wind has other ideas.

And somehow you never look like Beyoncé in a wind machine

11. And trying to detangle that mess and your favourite brush failing you.

12. Wearing a hat is a big decision, because you know that you can't just take that thing off casually.

Your hair will have a massive sweaty dent in it.

13. Lying down on the grass and then waking up with a small garden in your hair.

And then still finding pieces of grass in there when you're washing your hair two days later.

14. When your last remaining hair tie gives up on a super hot day.

You try to tie it back together, but it's not the same.

15. And you can't even win if you keep a spare.

16. Every time you push your sunglasses onto your head you forget that they will get tangled and stuck there.

18. But then you have a perfect beach hair day and you swear that you'll never cut it again.

Because nothing beats feeling like a real-life mermaid goddess.