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23 Problems Every Hairdresser Will Understand

"So you want a change, but you like your colour and you want to keep it long... Cool!"

1. Coming home after a long day and looking like you murdered someone.

2. Or worse, some kind of Smurf.

3. People underestimate just how dangerous being a hairdresser can be.

4. That weird moment when your crotch accidentally touches their elbow.

5. Never having any time to actually go and get your own hair done, so ending up doing it yourself.

6. When a client is being a real meanie and you're like, "You do realise I've got quite a lot of power here?"

7. Getting home and realising you've brought a little souvenir home with you.

8. When clients just won't keep their heads where you put them.

9. When a client comes in after "experimenting" with doing their own colour.

10. And then lies to you about it.

11. When a client asks for the mythical haircut of "just three layers".

12. When a client wants healthier looking hair, but has four inches of split ends and only wants an inch off.

13. When you're drying a client's hair and they say something and all you can do is smile and hope for the best.

14. Weekends mean nothing to you.

15. You've definitely spent longer in the toilet than you need just to give your feet a break.

16. When a friend comes round on your day off and casually mentions her roots could use a touch up.

17. Trying to act cool when a client doesn't close their eyes when you're washing their hair.

18. Getting home after a long day and finding someone else's hair in your bra.

19. All your favourite work clothes are quickly ruined by little bleach spots.

20. When you ask a client what they want, and they're like, "I want a big change, but no colour, and I quite like it long."

21. When the client who was late for their first appointment and a no-show for their second tries to book another appointment.

22. When a client wants to go from black to platinum blonde in two hours.

23. When a client is shocked by your prices, and you're like...