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23 Problems Every Hairdresser Will Understand

"So you want a change, but you like your colour and you want to keep it long... Cool!"

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1. Coming home after a long day and looking like you murdered someone.

Note to self: Always wear gloves!

2. Or worse, some kind of Smurf.

3. People underestimate just how dangerous being a hairdresser can be.

Curling irons were out to get you from the start!


5. Never having any time to actually go and get your own hair done, so ending up doing it yourself.

Probably at 10 o'clock on a Sunday night.

6. When a client is being a real meanie and you're like, "You do realise I've got quite a lot of power here?"

Walt Disney

But you wouldn't actually mess up their hair on purpose because, you know, professionalism and all that.

7. Getting home and realising you've brought a little souvenir home with you.

11. When a client asks for the mythical haircut of "just three layers".

Well, if you insist...


15. You've definitely spent longer in the toilet than you need just to give your feet a break.

Kaufam Astoria Studios

You might also use this time to finally getting round to eating your lunch and replying to your texts.