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19 Problems All Tidy People Will Recognise

You're cursed with a sixth sense for seeing empty packets.

1. You live your life constantly pushing chairs under tables.


2. You are forever clearing surfaces of empty packets.

The WB

It's tempting to start putting post-its on them saying, "you didn't throw this away so I assume you want to keep it."

3. You don't understand how someone can be in a state of mind where they put an empty container back in the fridge.

Twitter: @DylanDreyerNBC

Are half the population just walking around in a daze?

4. You find it difficult to relax in a messy room.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

You know you're gonna have to get up and tidy and some point, so you can't fully let go.

5. Mess just stresses you out generally.


You find it difficult to work in a messy environment because it's just so distracting.

6. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is blind, and you're the only person who sees mess.

Hollywood Pictures

How people can just leave an empty packet on the side is beyond you.

7. When other people clean, it's usually not to your standards.

You appreciate their effort, and then when they're not looking you do a quick post-clean clean up.

8. You can't leave the house until you've made your bed.

9. You're always trying to find away to tell someone to tidy their stuff up without sounding like you're nagging.

A&M Films

"You know what's fun? Taking your shoes off in your own room, you should try it sometime."

10. You've had quite a lot of practice at trying to sound super casual, when actually it's the third time you've asked someone to take the bin out.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

"You know, if you wouldn't mind, you're on your way out anyway, so..."

11. You've considered leaving passive aggressive notes more than once.

You don't want to looking like a nagging bore, you just wish that people would wash up their stuff a little more frequently.

12. But usually you just end up doing the chore yourself.

Walt Disney

13. People don't seem to understand that you don't actually enjoy cleaning, you just hate mess.

OK occasionally you enjoy bleaching the shit out of something, but usually you'd rather it was just never dirty in the first place.

14. You get seriously grossed out by old food in sinks.

Walt Disney

15. And any kind of mould.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

How people can shower while surrounded by mould is beyond you.

16. It sort of offends you when people dump all their stuff on tables.

A table is not a shelf. Don't treat it like one.

17. You have to try and stop yourself from judging messy people.

"They've probably got a lot going on right now, and that's why they haven't ever cleaned their loo."

18. You're scared to think what your house would look like if you didn't live in it.

Twitter: @PBrad31

Maybe they would crack like just after you crack, or maybe they would wait until they were living in a biohazard.

19. Sometimes you wonder if it's you that's weird, and maybe you should just chill out a little.


But that thought quickly disappears when you can finally enjoy your perfectly, clean home.


Keep up the fight. ๐Ÿ™…

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