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The Funniest Internet Reactions To The Arrival Of The Royal Baby

"Heir: DONE, spare: DONE."

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At some points it felt like this baby was never going to arrive.

Still no sign of the Royal Baby. One assumes it's being delivered by Royal Mail. #royalbaby

Another day has gone by. #GreatKateWait #RoyalBabyWatch

But this morning the news came that The Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labour.

"Yes Your Majesty, I am serious. I want to hold it up outside the hospital like Simba from the Lion King" #RoyalBaby

Good thing is Will & Kate already have a pram & a cot & stuff from George so they'll save a little money there. #RoyalBaby

The Queen gets herself another horcrux #RoyalBaby

The frenzy called into question the level of privacy that modern royals should be allowed...

One born every minute celebrity special today

Some were more excited about it than others.

Prince George currently thinking of places to hide his Aquadoodle & Duplo Farm. #siblingprobs #RoyalBaby

I had a royal baby once. Ok, it was just a baby. Ok, it was just a toy that fell out of the Frosties box #RoyalBaby

Imagine camping outside a hospital because someone you don't even know is having a baby. Almost as bad as waiting for the Next sale.

Oh, brilliant, by the end of the day I'm going to be even further back in line to the throne. :(

Lots of people waking to the realisation they didn't mute their mobile phone alerts overnight...

Of course some people just saw this as an opportunity for gambling.

I have my money on the royal baby being called Albert. Prince Albert has a nice ring to it. #RoyalBaby

I'd say it's roughly a 50/50 chance it's a boy. #RoyalBaby

ROYAL BABY NAMES Wanky Bill Windsor Chilli con Windsor Paddy Power Windsor Barbara Windsor

It's gotta be Phoebe for a girl and Phoeboe for a boy #RoyalBaby #Friends

A weird amount of people think it's going to be a lizard.

David Icke has posted the first picture of the #RoyalBaby birth

Charlotte if it's a girl. James if it's a boy. Ul'u-amaatanui the Dark Enforcer if it's a lizard. #RoyalBaby

Lots of people confused the political party, and the action of giving birth.

Text from Ed Miliband: "Ma'am, so pleased to hear The Duchess of Cambridge is voting Labour". Not replying. #Moron #RoyalBaby

Wow! Apparently the Duchess of Cambridge is joining #Labour.

News bulletin via 11 y/o "Kate Middleton is going to vote Labour!"

But everyone is just secretly hoping this is how they announce the birth.

And then at 8:34 a.m. we found out it was a girl and some people got very excited.

"ITS A GIRL ITS A GIRL ITS A GIRL" #RoyalBaby fans go crazy

Text from Prince William: "Heir: DONE. Spare: DONE" #GoodLad #RoyalBaby

British line of succession is now updated: Prince Charles Prince William Prince George #RoyalBaby Lady Mary Crawley Benedict Cumberbatch πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‘

There was a self appointed town crier and everyone was a bit confused.

"Who is this bloke in the road?" – basically just a fanboy.

The same guy was there last last time.

This guy again. What does he do when a royal infant hasn't just been born?

Good question.

The excitement got a bit much for some people.

The new princess was born at 8:34. I woke up at exactly 8:34. Is this a sign? AM I GOING TO BE A PRINCESS?! #royalbaby


Caps lock was a theme.

While others wanted to move on already.

Bored of this one already. When do we get number 3? #RoyalBaby

There was lots of great baby name suggestions.

My fav Princess, please call her She-Ra!!! #RoyalBabyName

Three fave names so far: Princess Jasmine, Princess Leia of the Gold Bikini, Princess Andthepea

Bets on tomorrow's headlines are almost as important as the baby name odds.

GUARDIAN: Royal has Female Child SUN: Girl Power! TELEGRAPH: It's a Girl EXPRESS: HRH Princess Diana MAIL: Baby Weighty Katie #RoyalBaby

Lizard jokes continued for some reason.

EXCLUSIVE! Proud to have one of the first photos of the #RoyalBaby and isn't she adorable?

The new princess couldn't share her birthday with a better person.

Happy birthday to the royal baby and Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

And if The Rock isn't good enough she's also got David Beckham.

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