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26 Pictures Guaranteed To Make All Uni Students Laugh

*pays £9,000 a year in fees* *still has to pay £1.50 to print an essay*

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1. When you've invested way too much money in your doorstop.

2. When you remember you're at university by choice.

3. If you actually wrote essays honestly.

4. When you realise the brochure was full of lies.

5. That one time you actually pay attention in the lecture.

6. When you just don't know where your fees are going.

7. When you realise you're living in double standards.

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8. When your gamble on which topics to revise didn't work out.

9. When there's that one module for which the only lecture is at 9am on a Thursday.

10. When you trust none of your flatmates.

Carl King

11. When you only have six contact hours a week, but are somehow the busiest you've ever been.

12. When you want to say hi, but also you can't really remember their name.


13. When you turn your phone over because things just got serious.

Instagram: @memesofhumber

14. When your essay is due in 20 minutes and you're out of credits.

15. When your parents don't understand what a "third" actually means.

"Yeah, sure, third-best in the whole year, Mum."
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"Yeah, sure, third-best in the whole year, Mum."

16. When you just want someone to fail with you.

Even though half the time they're blatantly lying.
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Even though half the time they're blatantly lying.

17. The best sext you ever got.

18. When someone in the year above you told you it was good way to bump up your grade.

19. Every time you have to write 3,000 words.

20. When your figure pre-freshers' is already a distant memory.

21. When you have January exams.

22. When you come into the lecture three minutes late.

23. When you get assigned your group instead of picking your friends.

24. When the washing-up arguments are ruining your life.

25. When you burn through half your student loan in the first three weeks.

26. When you graduate with a casual £40K or more in debt.