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18 Differences Between Growing Up In The '00s Vs Now

Webcams will always make you look better than a selfie stick ever could.

1. How teens feel popular now:

How teens felt popular then:

2. The coolest snack now:

The coolest snack then:

3. The "hot guy" hair now:

The "hot guy" hair then:

4. The must-have bag now:

The must-have bags then:

5. The hair your mum won't let you have now:

The hair your mum wouldn't let you have then:

George De Sota / Getty Images

6. Taking selfies now:

Taking selfies then:

7. Beauty goals now:

Beauty goals then:

8. How people waste time now:

Glu Games Inc

How people wasted time then: / Creative Commons

9. The must-have skincare now:

The must-have skincare then:

10. Doing stuff for charity now: / Creative Commons

Doing stuff for charity then:

11. Flirting now:

Flirting then:

BuzzFeed / Via

12. The coolest shoes you can wear now:

The coolest shoes you could wear then:

13. The coolest nails you can have now:

The coolest nails you could have then:

14. The cool jeans now:

The cool jeans then:

15. Looking flawless now:

Looking flawless then:

Picasa /

16. T-shirts now:

T-shirts then:

17. How you get all the goss now:

How you got all the goss then:

18. The coolest phone you can have now:

The coolest phone of all time:

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