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    17 Pictures That Are Too Real For Anyone With Housemates

    Your shower doubles up as a graveyard for shampoo bottles.

    1. When you've already got out of bed, you're barely awake, and then you have to queue to use the bathroom.


    Nothing gets you going in the morning like a nice cold stand in the corridor.

    2. When you find out that the shower was just a cover up all along.

    3. When your drying rack finally gives up after being in near constant use for a whole year.

    Twitter: @ProfessorOlaf

    Because no one takes their clothes off it until someone else wants to use it.

    4. When you've been shivering for weeks but your housemate is on a budget.

    Twitter: @water_trade

    Seeing your breath in the morning is not fun.

    5. When you never knew you could be so angry over like five dirty plates.

    Twitter: @accomforstudent

    Sometimes it just takes a single mug.

    6. When you have to sit on the floor in your own home because all your housemates have friends over.

    7. When you resort to passive aggressive notes because you can't handle not having cereal in the morning.

    Twitter: @LeorahSetton

    Or when you see a passive aggressive note, but your hunger clouded mind just makes you ignore it.

    8. When all of your housemates want to be good people and reuse plastic bags, but you never do.

    So you just keep them all until your kitchen is 50% plastic bag storage and one of you flips and throws them all out.

    9. When you can find 13 Tupperware lids, but no actual tupperwares.

    Twitter: @DebbieWharton

    And then you find them all in fridge full of your housemates leftovers.

    10. When you won't do literally any of your housemate's chores, and that includes putting away their clean washing up.

    11. When your shower turns into a graveyard for shampoo bottles.

    Twitter: @lizziemari14

    If someone gets something particularly posh looking it would be rude not to give it a lil' sample.

    12. When you know that "we" isn't an accurate way of describing who will be doing the cleaning.

    13. When a vegetable has been ignored in the back of the fridge so long that you don't know what it's meant to be.


    14. When you're in a stalemate over whose turn it is to take the bin out.

    15. When your freezer is just full of frozen leftovers people have forgotten about.

    16. When you can't be bothered to shout, or knock on a door, so you text your housemate even though you're both in.

    17. When your housemate has a spontaneous overnight guest.

    Twitter: @Mflipo

    You will make the next morning as awkward as physically possible.

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