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    25 Pictures People Who Don't Own A Cat Will Never Understand

    You can't leave anything fragile near an edge.

    1. This mysterious bed sheet lump.

    2. This tempting trap.

    3. And this consequence of falling for the trap.

    4. The sofa you didn't like that much anyway.

    5. This cat messing stuff up, just for the hell of it.

    6. This cat who doesn't care for your potted herb display.

    7. This cat who doesn't feel guilty, she's just angry you disturbed her moment of destruction.

    8. The "you were asking for it" face.

    9. This cat who knew exactly where he wanted to sit.

    10. This cat who's very happy with his Ikea bag.

    11. This cat and his obsession with bottle caps.

    12. This cat who does not appreciate material goods.

    13. And this cat that also hates material possessions, but loves boxes.

    14. This attempt at just trying to have some nice things.

    15. This cat asking to come in 34 seconds after he asked to go outside.

    16. This illustration that shows cats will forever want to be on the other side of the door.

    17. This cat that doesn't feel quite the same way as his owner.

    18. This lesson learnt.

    19. This kitty that really wants to fit.

    20. The post grooming toupee.

    21. The reason you never have any storage on your phone.

    22. This cartoon that sums up you and your cats needs.

    23. The sacrifices you make to cuddle your cat.

    24. The alarm clock / cat.

    25. The cutest sight in the whole world.