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19 Times The "Bake Off" Bakers Hung Out Away From The Tent

They just all respect each other so much, as bakers, and as best friends for life.

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1. When Andrew, Benjamina, Rav, and Tom went for brunch together.

2. And Tom took this adorable picture of Rav.

Instagram: @tomgilliford

3. When Rav, Candice, Jane, and Selasi went on a night out on the town.

Instagram: @cj

And Selasi wore his biker jacket obviously.

4. When the final four were just larking about in a car park looking adorable.

Instagram: @selasigb

Pouty Selasi <3


5. When Jane and Candice went to the zoo together.

Instagram: @cj

They are such good friends. <3

6. And when Louise and Candice hung out and looked predictably glam.

Instagram: @cj

Baking based friendship goals.

7. When they all went to the Childline ball together and looked too cute.

Look at Val, she is a shining star.
Twitter: @selasigb

Look at Val, she is a shining star.

8. They posed for group pictures and all looked amazing.

Instagram: @janebbakes

Lee! Gone too soon.


9. Rav and Benjamina took the cutest selfie.

10. And Will Young performed and Andrew nearly died.

Look how into it Jane is, and look how much more fun they&#x27;re having compared to every other table.
Twitter: @Tom_gilliford

Look how into it Jane is, and look how much more fun they're having compared to every other table.

11. When Candice, Rav, Benjamina, Selasi, and Tom took this blurry picture, but you just know they're having the best time.

Instagram: @ravsbansal

12. When Selasi made this video collage from behind the scenes at the Radio Times final four photo shoot.

Instagram: @selasigb

13. And Andrew posted this delightful photo of him and Jane.

14. When Selasi and Rav just hung out like mates.

Instagram: @selasigb

So casual, you wouldn't even know that they're two of the best bakers in the country.

15. When Kate and Tom got an ice cream together in the sunshine.

Instagram: @tomgilliford

Was it just a normal ice cream, or was it infused with lavender and lemongrass? We'll never know.

16. When Selasi gave Andrew a ride on the back of his motorbike and Benjamina snapchatted it.

And a new ship was born.


17. When Selasi, Benjamina, Rav, Candice, and Tom went on a night out on a Monday.

They&#x27;re so wild!
Twitter: @bakedbybenji

They're so wild!

18. When Candice and Louise hung out with Martha and Richard from series five.

19. And of course when Nadiya really did prove that Bake Off friendships are for life.

T DOG! This needs to happen.
Twitter: @BegumNadiya

T DOG! This needs to happen.