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31 Pictures Of Selasi From “Bake Off” That Might Make You Pregnant

Chilled on the inside, but hot on the outside, like an inside-out baked Alaska.

1. The time he gave Paul this sultry stare and Paul literally couldn't handle it.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

We are all Paul. ☺️

2. The time he gazed so lovingly into his oven.

BBC / Love Productions

Just like he would lovingly stare into your eyes.

3. When he piped some cream and the world piped cream with him.

BBC / Love Productions

You just cheated on your boyfriend by watching this GIF.

4. This GIF where you can taste the chemistry between Selasi and Benjamina.

BBC / Love Productions

If he would look at you like that just once, you'd be pregnant.

5. This GIF of him smiling sweetly and then catching your eye, just for a second.

BBC / Love Productions

*Spillage in aisle five*

6. If he just teased you once like this, *BOOM* you'd be with child.

BBC / Love Productions

Benjamina and Selasi, the greatest love story of our time that was actually just a nice friendship.

7. And when she won star baker and he touched her leg so gently.

BBC / Love productions

Just like he touched your heart.

8. These sweet GIFs of his precious laugh.

Hold on to your ovaries.

9. When his famous catchphrase was born.

BBC / Love Productions

You don't need to understand it, Selasi, you're a natural-born baker!

10. This GIF of him tasting some hot scotch bonnets.

BBC / Love Productions

You need contraception to look at this GIF.

11. When he casually did some crunches while waiting for his bake.

BBC / Love Productions

Selasi is so relaxed, he takes his time. He doesn't mind going slow.

12. When he had the suavest GBBO intro ever.

BBC / Love Productions

Other contestants: At home with the kids throwing flour at each other.

Selasi: Powerful businessman on a powerful motorbike full of power.

13. When he was just casually trying his delicious bakes in front of some roses.

BBC / Love Productions

Just like he would every night if he was your boyfriend.

14. This GIF of him stretching some dough, just like he pulls on your heartstrings.

BBC / Love Productions

He's so good with his hands.

15. When he made this way-too-cute face.

BBC / Love Productions

This is the face he'd make as he let you win gin rummy, for the third time that night, on your honeymoon.

16. When he told Mel exactly what she would like, and she probably did like it.

BBC / Love Productions

Except she probably didn't because they were dampfnudels and they looked kind of gross.

17. When he was so, so brave.

BBC / Love Productions

He flipped his pancake, even though they had to present every single one they made and there were no second chances. You're pregnant now.

18. When he casually knew everything there possibly was to know about the Tudor period.

BBC / Love Productions

He knew when it was. What more is there to know than that?

19. When he smelled his pan.

BBC / Love Productions

And it was almost like he was smelling your pan.

20. When Mel just couldn't handle him, and he knew it, but he was kind and reassuring.

BBC / Love Productions


21. Whenever he does badly, but he just doesn't let it get him down.

BBC / Love Productions

Nothing can break his cool. Not even a Paul technical challenge.

22. When he had a cardboard pipe for a second.

BBC / Love Productions

Why? Because it looked cool, OK?

23. When he used his pestle and mortar and we all used our pestle and mortars with him.

BBC / Love Productions

And then gave birth to a beautiful son.

24. When he was worried, but also so cute.

BBC / Love Productions

Don't worry, Selasi, we're all here for you.

25. When he gave Andrew a ride on the back of his motorbike and then Benjamina Instagrammed it and then you got pregnant.

Benjamina Ebuehi / Via

If you can't have Selasi, and Benjamina can't have Selasi, then Andrew should have Selasi.

26. Look at them riding off into the sunset together.

You have to imagine the sunset.

27. When he's just fooling around with his fellow bakers and it makes you melt.

28. When he was funny as well as being one of the most naturally sexy people to ever bake.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

Would look better without the shirt, though. No big deal.

29. When he melted Mary's heart.

The key to Mary's heart is always booze.

30. When Sue wiped his brow and you'd never wanted to be a piece of tissue so much.

BBC / Love Productions

In nine months' time that tissue is going to have little tissue babies.

31. And finally when he got a little bit of cream on his nose.

BBC / Love Productions

And not only were you weeping, you were also pregnant.