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    Posted on Oct 26, 2016

    19 Pictures Of Roast Dinners That Will Offend All British People

    WARNING: You might be traumatised by what some people think of as an acceptable roast dinner.

    1. This desert of a dinner.

    Twitter: @jodiew95

    Those peas are so over cooked, and that's the least of its troubles.

    2. The diet roast dinner disaster.

    Twitter: @SlimmingDan

    Skinless breasts and no potatoes, can you imagine?

    3. This roast omelette obscenity.

    4. This "roast" that might actually be a chicken kiev.

    Twitter: @itsanothereden

    Nice plate though.

    5. This roast that has three decent components RUINED by inappropriate condiments.

    Twitter: @itsanothereden

    Juicy looking meat, a perfect roast potato, nice addition of bacon, all RUINED.

    6. Again, this mountain of wonder rendered irrelevant by the lake of inappropriate condiments.

    7. This lovely roast MURDERED by ketchup.

    Twitter: @Ginger_Geovanni

    That poor, glorious Yorkshire.

    8. This lovely lunch, truly destroyed.

    Twitter: @RachelMc1990

    RIP that roast.

    9. This microwaved "roast" monster.

    Twitter: @hannahwelling85

    That's just not a roast is it? Boiled potatoes? I don't think so. Mediterranean vegetables? Who are you kidding?

    10. These sad roast dinners that have been assaulted by baked beans.

    11. Nothing to be happy about on this plate.

    Twitter: @stephwearne

    Those baked beans won't be happy there.

    12. This dry breast, with nothing to moisten it up.

    13. This disappointing show that's meant to be healthy, but is it healthy for the soul?

    14. This OK roast with this definitely not OK Yorkshire pudding.

    Twitter: @jimmyberragan

    That is a Yorkshire pancake.

    15. Yes, of course it's weird that you don't like gravy. And what's with your sweetcorn obsession?

    Twitter: @NessaRose_XO

    It's only going to come out the other end.

    16. This skinless breast with it's equally disappointing boiled potatoes.

    Twitter: @LiamWintrip

    This is some people's version of joy.

    17. This dry excuse for a Sunday lunch, with half an onion plonked in the middle.

    Twitter: @sharonb1969

    Are those potatoes? They might need rescuing.

    18. This heartbreaking effort.

    Twitter: @Jessiemelling

    At least she knows it's a bit crap.

    19. The measly, dry, disappointing roast lunch.