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23 Pictures All British Former Underage Drinkers Will Recognise

When drinking Frosty Jack's in the park was the coolest thing to do.

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1. When your parents finally clocked that you'd been nicking an inch or two of all those weird spirits they have in the cupboard:

2. When you wanted to get drunk but you didn't actually like the taste of alcohol yet:

3. When you drank one too many blue WKDs:

4. When you moved on to something harder and wanted all your mates to know:

5. The first time you tried your luck getting served in the corner shop:

6. When you worked out which type of horrifically strong cider is actually the cheapest way to get drunk:

7. And when your £5 a week pocket money wasn't stretching so far any more:

8. When you thought you'd found the cheapest brand of vodka ever and then you discovered it was only 20%:

9. When this was how you'd mix your drinks:

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10. When the local park was the hottest nighttime venue:

11. Which meant you spent a lot of time peeing behind bushes:

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12. When you thought absolutely nothing of getting pissed in an actual children's playground:

13. When you went to your first proper house party and every single bedroom had at least one couple snogging in it:

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14. When you finally found a pub crap enough to serve you:

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15. And even if they served you, you were still too cheap so would buy one snakebite and then top it up with cans in the toilet all night:

16. When you wanted to feel just a little bit classier:

Don't lie: This deal still tempts you.
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Don't lie: This deal still tempts you.

17. Or if you wanted to feel really, really classy it was all about shots of Apple Sourz:

18. But in reality you got Cactus Jack's because it was cheaper:

19. And you didn't own any shot glasses so you probably drank it out of egg cups:

20. When you first played drinking games and felt like you were in an American high school movie:

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21. When you sat at the back of the bus so you could oh-so-subtly drink some Strongbow:

22. When you still get a drink for the road on every train journey:

23. When you still think that the park is the best place to get drunk:

But nowadays only in the summer, on particularly nice days.

But nowadays only in the summer, on particularly nice days.