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    28 Weird Picture Tweets That Are Actually Funny

    A guinea pig with a fringe is always going to be funny. But why?

    1. This beautiful example of nature.

    2. This lady and her nice new haircut.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA why has my mum cut my guinea pig a fringe

    3. This cute tattoo.

    4. These two trustworthy experts.

    I like to believe that these two otters witnessed a newsworthy incident and are now being interviewed on local tv

    5. This ingenious kid.

    My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster...

    6. This example of contemporary interior design.

    Im at this guys house and he has a picture of his TOLIET on his TOLIET im CRying

    7. And this example of modern fashion.

    8. This weird giant hamster.

    9. This Pulitzer Prize-winning line.

    10. This handy prank.

    Right has someone put me down to get samples of astroturf? This is the second delivery in 2 days & I'm running out…

    11. This inspirational sign.

    This is the cockiest hospital i have ever seen

    12. This happy commuter.

    13. This bad brand decision.

    14. This weirdly relatable disaster.

    Don't ask me how this happened I hate myself too

    15. This perfectly timed photo.


    16. This totally reasonable thought process.

    Wife: Where are you Me: The store W: Don't lie to me M: Wh- W: I saw the internet history M: *hangs up*

    17. This proof that sharks are just like us.

    Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego.

    18. This fact-checking bird.

    That bit's bullshit, we like to nest in thick vegetation.

    19. This happy lil' doggy.

    I put this donut pillow on my dog 20 minutes ago and he loves it and won't let me take it off

    20. This stupid present.

    Someone brought me these to cheer me up but I don't even fucking like voles

    21. Jim and his helpful friend.

    Hush, Jim. Anyway Linda, you have to try this casserole recipe. What? Oh nothing, Jim is just choking.

    22. This future retail manager.

    My daughter brings a checklist to stores now and just makes random checks. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

    23. This unlikely friendship.

    do you have literally anyone else i can meet

    24. These absolute terrors.

    25. The cutest little frustration.

    When you accidentally clicked "open in new window" instead of "open in new tab"

    26. This piece of handy dating advice.

    Hate it when people use group photos on Tinder, like um, which one is you?

    27. This kitty in a pickle.

    My friend's cat got stuck inside a plastic hanger. Here is a photo:

    28. Random sauce lady.

    The perils of not knowing your art. 😆