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    28 Photos That Will Make You More Confused Than You Have Ever Been Before

    The world is full of beautiful, creative, vibrant people, and some of those people just want to take a picture of themselves covered in Cheerios.

    1. This model, that was heavily relying on the photoshop skills of her agent.

    2. This man having a fight without any trousers.

    3. A real life coke party.

    4. This Miss Cereal 2005 contestant.

    5. This Vietnamese bar who used this picture of Obama to show how great their beer was.

    6. Maybe somewhere in the world hunting on your wedding day is a traditional custom...

    7. This cat who is not impressed by ballet, or photoshop skills.

    8. Dumbo dog.

    9. This woman with a very unique skill.

    10. The time Darth Vader wanted to test the capabilities of the Britta water filter system.

    11. This Miss Sausage contestant from 1953.

    12. This swan that no one suspects is a camera man.

    13. This toilet stall that was once much loved.

    14. This dog's halloween costume.

    15. This news conference that E! actually cared about.

    16. There is probably some benefit to bathing with pumpkins that only this woman and her cat knows.

    17. These forbidden lovers that sadly got caught in the act.

    18. When the owner of these tame isopods decided to give them a cheesy treat.

    19. This woman who is outraged by the cheek of this moose.

    20. This mannequins that are very "French".

    21. This guy that got lost in his own thoughts while watering his geraniums.

    22. This woman who was sadly born without a torso.

    23. The time that not only were the Chuckle Brothers and Tinchy Stryder in the same room, but they also brought out a song together... no really.

    Don't forget to download To Me To You (Bruv). It's all for ACLTcharity. Go on it's only a 99p

    Paul Chuckle@PaulChuckle2Follow

    Don't forget to download To Me To You (Bruv). It's all for ACLTcharity. Go on it's only a 99p

    12:09 PM - 02 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    24. This Miss Vegetable 2012 contestant.

    25. She was pipped to the top spot by this guy.

    26. This man who is sacrificing his girlfriend to the pizza gods.

    27. This guy that has many regrets.

    28. The internet explorer perfume.

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