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    Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    29 Photos Of 99 Ice Creams That Will Satisfy You To Your Core

    It's time to worship Mr Whippy.

    1. This seductive ripple.

    2. This architectural masterpiece.

    3. These rays of sun blessing this creamy goodness.

    4. That peak, just about to drop, but not quite.

    5. This double-trouble beauty.

    6. This crumbling Flake.

    7. This full-bodied wonder.

    8. This perfectly formed curly peak.

    9. This raspberry-rippled king of treats.

    10. This artistic swirl.

    11. The texture of each of these creamy layers.

    12. This red saucy dribble and this creamy overhang.

    13. This peak that's standing to attention.

    14. This chocolate melty marbling.

    15. This clean swirl of pure summer.

    16. This melty mouthful of delight.

    17. This mess with ALL of the trimmings.

    18. This correct ratio of Flake to cream to cone.

    19. These beauties that make up in swirly perfection what they lack in Flake.

    20. These ripply textured folds.

    21. This nontraditional two-tone fudge-flaked artwork.

    22. This toffee nutty mess.

    23. This sauce running down these creamy crevices.

    24. This rare photo of a 99 being born.

    25. This chocolate-and-hazelnut creamy princess.

    26. This disappearing tower that will make you oh-so-jealous.

    27. This bulbous bubblegum beauty that will make you peaceful at last.

    28. This picture of British perfection.

    29. This humble hero.

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