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    26 People Who Need Their Genius To Be Recognised

    These people don't think outside the box, they're totally unaware of the whole concept of the box.

    1. This girl who brings her own personal space boundaries on the tube with her.

    2. Anyone who doesn't let a lack of iron stop them in life.

    3. The lawyers who advertise on nightclub entry wristbands.

    4. This person who is giving slugs everywhere a fair trial.

    5. People who prepare properly for overnight stop overs.

    6. The owner of this money saving postal solution.

    7. The inventor of this 100% reliable weather forecasting system.

    8. The inventor of this genius advent calendar.

    9. This person who will never have the terrible fate of having sugar cubes, but no sugar cube tongs, again.

    10. This person who is always thinking ahead.

    11. The champagne marketer who thought it would be a lovely idea for people to be able to decorate their own bottles.

    And didn't seal the markers.

    12. The supermarket worker who decided to place these two items together.

    13. Anyone who owns one of these.

    14. The person who needed their soup NOW.

    15. People who know how to do a picnic on a boat.

    16. This kid.

    17. People who really know how to have a good time.

    18. Anyone who couldn't decide what juice flavour to have, but didn't let that hold them back in life.

    19. The person who fashioned this easy dipping solution.

    20. This commenter.

    21. This model citizen.

    22. Anyone who turns their whole house into a ball pit.

    23. People who bring their grills with them wherever they go.

    24. People who work in the bath.

    25. This guy who decided to T-REX the halls.

    26. And anyone who takes the time to make a cake for all of life's little achievements.

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