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    Posted on Nov 22, 2014

    Sales Of "Beard Snoods" Are Soaring Apparently

    Is this peak beard?

    We can all appreciate a good beard when we see one.

    So luscious. So manly.

    But no one likes hair in their food.

    So if a bearded man is cooking for you, you would want that luscious beard contained in a BEARD NET.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail beard snood manufacturer Lion Haircare & Disposables have reported a 32% increase in sales over the last three years.

    The rise in demand seems to be coming from a combination of factors. Trends towards more facial hair, whether that is full beard or the stubble look and increasing quality assurance demands during food preparation. The two aspects go hand in hand.

    Wright also said, "This year our organisation modified its beard snood and hairnet products to include built-in antibacterial agents that inhibit microbial growth."

    The company now sell over 3,000,000 beard snoods per year.

    Hooray for the beard snood!

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