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    Going Out In Your Early Twenties Vs. Going Out In Your Late Twenties

    More sleep, less drama.

    1. In your early twenties getting ready is a proper ritual that's part of the night out.

    me: i'm just gonna do a natural look also me: add glitter

    In your late twenties you're lucky if you have the energy to do winged eyeliner and change into a "going out top".

    do I sleep for another twenty minutes or do my makeup

    2. In your early twenties pre-drinks are the best bit of the night and involve brutal drinking games.

    In your late twenties pre-drinks involves eating a nice meal with a large glass of wine.

    Another Round

    Often by yourself or with like three other friends max.

    3. In your early twenties you will happily travel for an hour and take two buses for a night out.

    In your late twenties if something is more than half an hour from your front door realistically you're never going to go.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    4. In your early twenties going out was all about meeting new people.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed / BBC

    In your late twenties nights out are all about reuniting with people you're too busy to make plans with and bitching in the corner.


    5. In your early twenties nights out are full of snogging and drama.

    Goldcrest Pictures

    Half your friends are single and out on the pull.

    In your late twenties the hot goss tends to be who's invited to what wedding.

    Warner Brothers

    6. In your early twenties you'd drink pretty much whatever was on offer, and lots of it.

    In your late twenties you know what you like, what you can afford, and what's least likely to give you a terrible hangover.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed / Getty Images

    7. In your early twenties dancing is all about looking sexy and cute.


    In your late twenties dancing is all about looking dumb and having fun.


    8. In your early twenties you have a major case of FOMO and won't go home until the night is done!

    In your late twenties you will happily leave when the first hints of sleepiness hits you.


    9. In your early twenties your night ends up one way: Drunk food.

    And some things never change.

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