Nigel Farage Named Briton Of The Year By "The Times"

    And not everyone agrees...

    This morning The Times announced that their "Briton of the year" is UKIP party leader Nigel Farage.

    He seems to have taken it as a compliment.

    Despite all, The Times has named me Briton of the year. Attacks aside, I am grateful. Thank you.

    Lots of people don't agree with The Times.

    So, #TheTimes has made @Nigel_Farage their Briton of the year.

    Literally anyone other than Farage would have been a better choice

    Nigel Farage man of the year?! Stop the planet, I want to get off.

    The Times has named Nigel Farage as 'Briton of the Year'. So I wrote to cancel my subscription. Pls do the same.

    Some people managed to see the funny side.

    Nigel Farage? Really @thetimes

    Dear The Times, my left bollock with a smiley face drawn on it is more deserving of 'Man of the Year' than Nigel Farage!!

    The Times is trolling everyone with the Farage/Man of the year story.

    Ah. They’ve amended it. RT @Nathannn_n_n: @profanityswan

    Lots of people made this comparison.

    The Times names Farage as #BritonOfTheYear Time Magazine once name Hitler as man of the year. Didn't that end well!

    We were all reminded that this isn't the first time an award may have been given to the wrong person.

    And Stalin got Time Man of the Year - twice - in 1939 and 1942. #Farage

    Nigel Farage supported the annual boxing day hunt yesterday, which made even more people angry.

    Man of the year? Man of the people? Is this some kind of sick joke?

    There having been some serious suggestions of people much more deserving for the title "Briton of the year."

    The Times has named Nigel Farage Briton of the year. Not murdered aid worker Alan Henning. Not Ebola nurse William Pooley. Nigel. Farage.

    Why isn't Stephen Sutton Brit of the year and not Farage...disgraceful

    Now that Nigel Farage has this honour, suggestions of other people who have been overlooked came flooding in.

    Nigel Farage as Briton of the Year. That’s like giving Josef Fritzl an award for “World’s Greatest Dad”.

    2014: Blair Philanthropist of the year (GQ) + top gay icon (Gay Times). Farage Briton of the year (Times). Mugabe humanitarian award next?

    Farage voted Briton of the year? On the same train of thought I'm guessing Ebola won African of the year?

    Some suggested that Farage isn't exactly a typical man of our time.

    The Times names Nigel Farage as Briton of the year. The year in question is 1958.

    It appears the Times has named Nigel Farage its Briton of the Year, under the mistaken impression that he lives in 2014.

    In their defence, Times employees pointed out that the Briton of the year award was not intended as an endorsement of Farage's views, merely a recognition of his impact on news.

    But, obviously, that did nothing to stem the tide of Twitter outrage.

    I feel like my timeline's version of the Christmas Truce was that no one mentioned Nigel Farage for 48 hours. Normal service now resumed.

    Times Briton of Year 2014 Farage 2013 Osborne 2012 Coe 2011 Salmond. Please tell @rupertmurdoch that non-politicians can be great too