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37 Cat Reactions That Sum Up Your Love Life

These cats know how you're feeling right meow.

1. When you wake up the next morning and read what you sent to your crush last night.

2. When you're the third wheel AGAIN.

3. When you see your ex at a bar.

4. When you didn't realise your housemates would be home so early.

5. When you can't think of anything funny to text your crush, so you just go with "hey" and then regret it immediately.

6. When bae is looking fine.

7. When you see a total hottie across the room.

8. When you realise that this is not your house and that is not your wife.

9. When you see your crush hitting on someone else.


10. When you see your crush after drunk-texting them.

11. When your crush is taking ages to reply.

12. When you're out on a date and you see your ex.

13. When bae was being a right dick in the club last night.

14. When your Tinder date doesn't look like their pictures.

15. When some fuckboy is hitting on you.

16. When you accidentally swipe right on Tinder.

17. When bae sends the "we need to talk" text.

18. When you make out with your friend and both decide that it was very weird.

19. When you have to do a really obvious walk of shame.

20. When you send a flirty text with a typo in it.

21. When you and bae decide to stay in for date night.

22. When you and your BFF are getting ready for a double date.

23. When your friend tries to set you up with someone who's into alternative medicine and slam poetry.

24. When you get cornered by a creepy guy and are desperately looking for an escape route.

25. When bae comes home late.

26. When you can see the double blue tick, but bae isn't replying on Whatsapp.

27. When you're trying find your best angle for a nude shot.

28. When you love bae, but you got to do the long distance thing.

29. When the bartender's looking kind of cute.

30. When bae wants to take a selfie and you're not feeling it.

31. When you see da booty.

32. When you're in heat and bae comes home from work.

33. When bae surprises you by wearing actually nice underwear.

34. When bae is really feeling it, but you're watching Game of Thrones right now.

35. When bae comes home drunk and you're really sober.

36. When your bae falls asleep while spooning and then your arm goes dead.

37. When you suddenly realise you're making a terrible mistake.

"I can't marry Felix; my one true love is Sir Fluffikins."