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The 22 Most Hipster Things That Happened In 2015

It’s one thing using a seat for your bag, but a totally different thing using a seat for your typewriter lid.

1. When someone used their Toyota Prius to transport their penny-farthing.

2. When hipsters wanted to make pasta, but they wanted to do it differently.

Because what's the point of anything if it's not a sniggery joke?

3. When this man sat on a bus and used a typewriter to write a Post-it note.

It's one thing using a seat for your bag, but a totally different thing using a seat for your typewriter lid.

4. When someone tried to sell a nice log for $98.

5. But then someone called it a posh stool and charged three times as much.

Silly, amateur hipsters.

6. When Motorola flip phones officially became vintage.

7. When scooter luggage was invented and they called it Micro Kickboard luggage.

So business casual.

8. When this guy was just trying to be authentic.

9. When this teacher started skateboarding to school.

But is this so cool that maybe it transcends hipster? idk.

10. When a quite attractive man decided to add a nice wave to his beard with some beer cans.

11. When pickles were too mainstream.

12. When someone used an iPhone cable for a belt.

But it wasn't an iPhone 5 cable, because that would be too mainstream.

13. When someone felt the need to make this leather versatile banana holder.

Banana hammock?

14. When people wrapped their presents in plaid wrapping paper.

Twitter: @pizzaspirit

Not only that but they did it badly, because neat wrapping is what your grandma does, and not the unintentionally cool one.

15. When this guy decided that this was the picture most likely to find him love.

And he probably did quite well.

16. When this dog wore a scarf.

17. And this cat got a record player for Christmas.

Twitter: @liz_buckley

Cat iPods are just so normcore.

18. When someone invented a bell to tell other people to get out the way while you're running, and said it was "for him".

Twitter: @a_saliga

In gold though, so won't clash with your ironic hoop earrings.

19. When someone thought it was a good idea to start selling beard combs made out of old records.

They're just playing with us now. SURELY.

20. When people grew tired of their taps and bottled water was declared evil or something, so people put water in cartons and then called them boxes.

Twitter: @GilTheVlogsmith

BAGGED WATER WILL BE NEXT YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. But it will be called water sacks or something.

21. When this cup didn't want you making unnecessary assumptions about its lifestyle.

22. And when you could finally buy a moustache septum ring.

Twitter: @ItsSoLinz

Somewhere in the world someone might be wearing one of these right now.

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