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    11 Moments All Work BFFs Know Too Well

    You're always there for each other, whether it's for a tampon or just a good bitching session.

    1. You can say anything with one look.

    2. You spend 90% of your tea breaks discussing the hot office gossip.

    3. And a large portion of your days chatting via email or Gchat.

    4. You have a favourite time to go for lunch together and a favourite place to go.

    5. And you regularly find a reason to visit each other at your desks with the excuse that you’re “just giving them something”.

    6. You get irritated by the same people.

    7. They’re basically a second source when you’re in any sort of emergency.

    8. You can always count on your BFF to be a shoulder to cry on when you’re having a bad day.

    9. You’re both happy and jealous for each other when one of you gets a day off.

    10. Because when your work BFF isn’t in for a day, it feels like an eternity.

    11. And truth be told, you live in fear of being separated because work is *so* much better with them around.