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18 Milestones All Friends Must Go Through To Become Best Friends

If you haven't peed together it isn't real.

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3. Sharing a toilet cubicle.

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There are some times when the gossip is so urgent, the conversation so deep, or the advice so necessary, that you can't possibly stop talking in order to pee. So you must pee together.


5. Receiving an emergency phone call from them in the middle of the night.


Emergencies could be anything from they just saw their ex snogging someone else, to actually serious stuff, to they were drunk and just really missed you.

6. "Permanently borrowing" an item of their clothing.


You borrowed it once when you had nothing to wear for a night out, and then you took it home to wash it, and for some reason it just hasn't made the journey back to their house yet.


9. Telling them they look great, when really they've looked better.

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Because you know they need a pick-me-up and you know exactly how to compliment them so they'll feel good about themselves.

10. But also occasionally telling them they look like utter crap and they should probably have a shower.

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Knowing you can laugh at their bad haircut, but then say something about their cheekbones that will make them feel better.