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22 Socially Awkward Situations For Single People

Remember: You are not a third wheel – you are a unicycle and they are your training wheels.

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1. When you meet up with your friend and they surprise you with their S.O.

"Yay, I'm so looking forward to third-wheeling all day." – you, never

"Yay, I'm so looking forward to third-wheeling all day." – you, never

2. When your friend spends a little too long saying goodbye to their current squeeze and you're just standing there.

3. When you make plans with your friend and they ask to bring their S.O. and you just don't know how to say no.

So they end up coming. And it kind of feels like you're hanging out with your parents, or some weird irresponsible foster parents.

4. Sometimes it can feel like you are a third wheel to your actual parents.

Surrounded by so much love...and none of it is for you. WAHHHH.

5. When you are stuck in a confined space with just you and a couple for an extended period of time.

Everyone in this situation feels awkward.

6. When you know your friends just want a nice couple picture, but you tried to get involved and now it's too late to back out.

7. Or when the couple just don't realise that you are in their sweet couple picture at all.

8. When your mum asks you if you're seeing someone.

9. When your friend brings you to a party where you know no one and then spends the whole time making out.

It's nice that you wanted me to be a back-up plan if your crush decided to ditch you. No really, I love being the supportive third wheel.

10. When you go on a night out with a couple and they are trying to set you up the whole time.

It's sweet, but also no one is enjoying it.

11. When your friend cancels plans with you to hang out with their S.O.

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12. When your housemate invites their date over and you want to go to your room, but you also really want to watch what's on TV right now.

13. When it's the end of the night at a house party and everyone is making out apart from you.

14. When a couple actually invite you out with them, and you assume they'll make an effort not to be lovey-dovey, but they don't.

15. When you end up sitting between a couple and none of you want this.

16. When you have no one to do couple costumes with.

Coffee, bagel, and Mickey Mouse... Catchy.

17. When even art seems to be mocking you.

Is it possible to feel like a sculpture's third wheel?

18. When everyone has a two-for-one partner for happy hour already, so you have to drink twice as much.

Jokes this is the best.

19. Pretty much everything about weddings.

20. When you somehow actually manage to be a fifth wheel.

21. Or the very rare seventh wheel.

The white rhino of socially awkward situations.

22. Some have even claimed to have sighted the mythical ninth wheel.

Sometimes being single truly sucks.

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