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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    23 Things Only People Who Live With Their BFF Understand

    "OK meet me in the kitchen in 10 seconds."

    1. Living with your best friend means there is always someone to hang out with.

    2. There is always someone to take pre-night out selfies with.

    3. And there is always someone to pre-drink with.

    4. There is always someone to share some journey juice with on the way to the party.

    5. And there is always someone to go home with at the end of the night.

    6. Living with your BFF makes even hangovers fun.

    7. You never have to have catch ups because you know all of their gossip all the time.

    8. And if you need to debrief any gossip you can have an instant sleepover to go over all the details.

    9. You're pretty sure they haven't ever had a thought that you don't know about.

    10. When you live with your favourite person in the world, sometimes staying in is just as fun as going out.

    11. Everyday activities can descend into fits of giggles.

    12. Going to the big supermarket and pretending to be adults = hours of fun.

    13. Even cleaning the house can be fun.

    14. Things like trousers and bras become unnecessary.

    15. Having tea when you get home is so much better when it's with your BFF.

    16. Any house drama is not actually a big deal.

    17. Instead of passive aggressive housemate notes, you get super cute ones.

    18. When you're not feeling 100% you can rely on your BFF to look after you.

    19. They are there to hold your hand through all of life's little struggles.

    20. Your BFF knows what gifts you will really appreciate.

    21. They're always around to give you a hand when you need one.

    22. And they'll know how to really cheer you up when things get tough.

    23. Living with your best friend is even better than you ever expected it to be.

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