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9 Differences Between Being A Lesbian And Being A Gay Man

Are dildos the only thing we have in common?

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Lesbian nights are hard to find and are usually in a small basement.


If your local lesbian bar hasn't closed down then count yourself lucky. And any general gay nights or bars will be 90% men.

There are three types of gay nights out: the “let’s vogue to Madonna and Cher” night out, the “did you know there’s a dark room here?” night out, and the “no, lady, I will not be your gay best friend” night out.

Finding a lesbian who you fancy, you haven't already slept with, and your ex hasn't slept with is near impossible.

Even if you think you have found a rare unconnected lesbian, you will have slept with her ex’s best friend’s ex.

Grindr is the darkest of rabbit holes where gay men forget every ounce of etiquette and home training.

I'll have a quick look on Grindr, see if anyone has messaged me...💀

The first thing your mum probably said to you when you came out was “Please don’t cut your hair.”


And if you had already cut your hair then she probably already thought you were gay.

The U-haul stereotype is sadly true: Most lesbians really aren't scared of commitment.

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A single lesbian is a rare sight, and if you happen to be one you’ll be the seventh wheel at every dinner party.

Gay relationships tend to be splashed all over social media under hashtags that include "the boy".

You can tell when a couple have broken up because they suddenly stop posting about each other every day. Successful relationships are usually kept separate from social media.

The L Word is like the holy testament of being a lesbian.


Our life is full of references to it, even though it ended like 10 years ago, and it wasn't even that good, but it's all we've got.

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