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    19 Times Katherine Ryan Was Hilarious And 100% Right

    "It's like a Disney film, but with shitting."

    1. When she summed up women and dieting:

    2. When she was overly relatable:

    3. When she called out a heckler in the perfect way:

    4. When she gave us an insight into what the President was really thinking:

    Channel 4

    5. When she gave a very convincing argument for why you should always vote:

    6. When she talked about her kid having a British accent:

    7. When she reminded people the main reason her tits are great:

    8. When she told us her secret to success:

    9. When she said how we all feel about Obama:

    10. When she was completely honest about blow jobs:


    11. When she gave us an important insight into her home life:

    Channel 4

    12. And showed us that she's probably the best parent ever:

    13. When she had the perfect rant about tampon tax:

    14. When she joined in with this country's true traditions:


    15. When she exposed the true horrors of this world:

    16. When she showed us how her diverse interests overlap:


    17. When she had this perfect Twitter conversation with Aisling Bea and Sara Pascoe:

    18. When she summed up the true differences between the movies and the real world:

    19. And when even her bad ideas were great:

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