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    19 Pictures Of Cute Cats Being Cute Like They Are Everyday

    Forget everything and just enjoy these cats.

    1. This useful lil' kitty.

    2. This snoozy fellow.

    3. This man drowning in cat.

    4. This proud boy.

    5. This man who just wants someone to hold on to.

    6. This piece of chub in a tub.

    7. This small man who just wants to come shopping with you.

    8. This princess enjoying her birthday cake.

    9. This marvel of nature.

    10. And this special, special creature.

    11. This helpful puss, who just doesn't know what he's doing wrong.

    12. This grumpy grandpa.

    13. This clumsy ol' guy.

    14. This delightful almond cookie.

    15. This furry being who just forgot to put his lil' tongue away.

    16. This medium-sized cloud who just wants to say hello.

    17. This magical creature.

    18. This dancing diva.

    19. This hungry fellow.

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