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15 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In London Remembers

Still bitter about paying for the bus.

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1. Having more freedom growing up than people who lived in the countryside.


Sure you got to run around in the fields. But age eleven we were given a bus pass, or a Zip card, which meant unlimited travel for free, 24 hours a day. Sure you had a back garden, well we had the whole bus network.

3. Ditching your tiny school playground for the park.

Which was often pretty nice. Playing hockey in Regent's Park, and having your sports day on Hamstead Heath is pretty cool. And some schools have their playgrounds on the roof, which is awesome.

4. Never wanting to leave the park.

We knew which ones were too scary, which ones kept the street lights on all night and where all the holes in the fences were.


8. Being disappointed in the nightlife when you leave London.

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It's weird when some of the first clubs you ever went to were some of the best. Except Cheapskates, don't make us go to Cheapskates again.


13. Really cool school trips.

Casual day out to the National History Museum, don't mind if I do. Also major respect to the teachers who took us on the tube, that must have been mega stressful.

14. Never visiting a tourist attraction.

It's embarrassing when a tourist asks us where Buckingham Palace is, and we realise we don't know.

15. No other place really compares to London.

There is always something to do, a new food to try, a bar you have never heard of, a museum you haven't been too. Love you London. <3