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19 Reasons Being Tidy Is A Curse

Discarded empty packets haunt you wherever you go.

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2. Where other people see a clutter-free surface, you see empty packets.

How hard would it have to be to take the old roll off the holder, and put both the old roll and the new rolls packet in the bin, EH? 😳

4. It's hard for you to see the world as other people see it.

why we have such a housemate...what a brain at all..really can't read his mind

Do they just see an empty sink? Do they not see the rotting food clogging the drain?


5. You try to act like a normal person, just block out the disorder.

You have no idea how much mental energy it takes me to pretend my housemate's mess isn't there



17. It's hard not to judge those messy people for their ways.

Warner Brothers

"I see you chose not to do anything about the mould in your bathroom, well this is your space and you can do what you like with it. Even if that involves dying a slow, mould-related death."