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    19 Reasons Being Tidy Is A Curse

    Discarded empty packets haunt you wherever you go.

    1. Being a tidy person is like having a sixth sense.

    Hollywood Pictures

    2. Where other people see a clutter-free surface, you see empty packets.

    How hard would it have to be to take the old roll off the holder, and put both the old roll and the new rolls packet in the bin, EH? 😳

    3. Where regular people see the empty spaces, you see the chaos.

    Twitter: @kaatieee27

    This surface is 57 seconds away from being perfectly acceptable. Why leave it this way?

    4. It's hard for you to see the world as other people see it.

    why we have such a housemate...what a brain at all..really can't read his mind

    Do they just see an empty sink? Do they not see the rotting food clogging the drain?

    5. You try to act like a normal person, just block out the disorder.

    You have no idea how much mental energy it takes me to pretend my housemate's mess isn't there

    BUT YOU CAN'T!!!!

    6. You just don't understand the thought process that led to someone putting an empty bottle back in the fridge.

    Twitter: @basedpapigabe

    Is there no thought process? Is that the secret? Do messy people just walk around like zombies?

    7. You wonder if it's just you who hates stepping on slimy bits of food on the floor.


    If other people feel it, why don't they pick up the bits of food? It's a mystery.

    8. It's not like you don't try to see the other side's point of view. You try to understand not hanging the bath mat up after having a shower.

    But alas, you cannot find the answer.

    9. You feel the pain of the empty toilet roll tube, never being laid to rest.

    Give it some dignity and put it in the damn bin.

    10. You always end up cleaning the moldy food containers.

    Twitter: @adrian_foxy

    That picture alone is enough to give you nightmares.

    11. And it is always you that ends up tackling the bathroom.


    12. Because it is always you who cracks first.

    Universal Pictures

    And that is why this is a curse.

    13. Sometimes you're really tired, but you feel you HAVE to do the washing up before you go to bed.

    Cartoon Network

    You've never regretted it.

    14. If for some crazy reason you don't do the dishes that evening, the next day it's like they're watching you.

    Magmos / Getty Images

    Judging you for leaving them like that.

    15. Everywhere you look there seems to be mess.

    You see it at work, on the bus, and in your own home. When will the mess leave you be?

    16. And everywhere you look there are messy people creating mess.

    Every day that passes is another day a used mug gets left on the surface, just above the dishwasher.

    17. It's hard not to judge those messy people for their ways.

    Warner Brothers

    "I see you chose not to do anything about the mould in your bathroom, well this is your space and you can do what you like with it. Even if that involves dying a slow, mould-related death."

    18. You try to resist the passive aggressive note. You really do.

    But sometimes the tidy curse takes over, and before you know it you've done it.

    19. Sometimes you wish you could shake the curse.

    Because then you could finally feel at peace while surrounded by clothes on the floor, like Beyoncé.

    But really you know this is a blessing not a curse.


    Because getting into a made bed when you're tired is so much nicer than a messy one.

    Now take a deep breath and look at this lovely supermarket aisle.

    You're welcome.

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